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Kalibrate's 2020 Newsletter, news and Special offers

03 January 2020

Can we first wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year. We would like to also thank you all for your patience during our move in 2019.The relocation took a lot more time than expected, but we are moving in the right direction for the company now.

About Kalibrate

We at Kalibrate are a specialised AV supplier and installer, specialising in home cinema. We work with each product we sell and find the technical strengths (and weaknesses) to make balanced recommendations for our customers based on their requirements. Our aim is to get the best performance for our customers requirements/budget. The analysis we make is based on technical tests and information using £000's of test equipment, i.e. Jeti 1511 Spectrophotometer. Did you know that many publications reviews are technically flawed as they do not have the equipment to set up the test subject properly, and have no point of technical reference. This is very important visually as there are industry standards.

Along with tests, we use all the equipment we sell in a standard domestic scenario or demo/test room, so that we are comfortable in how the equipment works, this means we can make recommendations with confidence.

Please note, that we have deliberately kept the business small, as it is based around a technical background, rather than sales, which means it can take us a day or few to return all emails and calls, as there are times where we need to focus on the technical tests, calibrations, demos, installs etc.

The website only shows a fraction of what we offer, the installs we perform and the products we sell. If there is anything you are looking for, please do let us know, so we can see if it is something we can provide.

Kalibrate Limited reached 10 years old in October 2019. With the move taking up a fair amount of time, we did not get around to celebrating last year, but we will put together a celebration in the coming 2020.

Coming in 2020

2020 will be the start of a new era for Kalibrate. The move has allowed us some possibilities:

  • A new demo room - more information below
  • Extra storage for more stock - more information below
  • New Website
  • New brands
  • More youtube videos on our Youtube channel. Available here

    New Demo Room

    Due to be completed in 2020, we will have a new test/demo room. It has been months in designing, and will feature:

  • Projectors from Sony, Epson and JVC (and others if deemed worthy)
  • AV processing by the Arcam and Trinnov (and others if deemed worthy) with speakers upto 9.1.6 (with multiple subwoofers)
  • Starscape star ceiling
  • Sources to include Kaleidescape/Panasonic UHD Player/PS4 Pro/Xbox One X etc.
  • Video Processing by Lumagen
  • Speaker systems by Krix and Procella
  • Subwoofers from Power Sound Audio
  • Screens from Diverse, Draper and Dreamscreen
  • Control and Automation by URC, RTI and Fibaro
  • Room profiles using Cinema Build systems (here)
  • And much more......

    Some teaser build photos can be seen below (a proper build update will be posted soon):

    New Equipment offers

    During 2019 and into 2020 were have offered a range of new products.

  • Trinnov AV Processors - the 'King of AV Processors'.
  • Diverse ambient light rejecting grey screens - Designed for non perfect rooms (i.e. rooms with natural light, or reflected light) these are selling well, and start at just £499 and are available in fixed frame and tab tensioned versions, and fully customised dimensions available at no extra charge.
  • Krix Loudspeakers - One of Australia's prime speaker brands, this speaker brand share many familiarities to the Power Sound Audio Brand that we have been selling over the last few years. With their megaphonix flat speakers utilising 10" mid range drivers, they have an efficiency of around 95db 1w/1m giving a very efficient dynamic sound from a speaker that is only 162mm deep. Also available is their infinite baffle wall of speakers/subwoofers which are perfect to go behind an acoustically transparent screen.
  • Fibaro Home Automation including motion sensors, lighting etc.
  • Power Sound Audio Subwoofers - Newly announced the xx12 range of subwoofers offer an improved driver, and whilst our first delivery is presold, we are expecting more stock as we go through the year.
  • Arcam 2020 AVR/Processors - we will be demoing and installing the new 16 Channel Arcam Products in the near future: AVR20, AVR30 and AV40.
  • Artcoustic speakers for a more discrete living room install.

    Special Offers

    We are often running special offers, which may or may not be advertised, which includes tailor made projection packages including screens, projectors, HDMI cables, mounts etc. A recent package included a custom made 135" projection screen, and Epson TW9400 projector for £2,849.

    Other special offers include:

  • Panamorph Phoenix Anamorphic x1.33 (horizontal expansion) Lens with XM2 mount (RRP £4,999), available for £1,499 without a package, or from only £1 with a JVC DLA-N7 4K Projector, plus other deals with other projectors (Limited availability).
  • Crowson Amplifier and single T108SM Motion Actuator for only £1,199 (limited availability).
  • We supply Lightspace as well as ChromaPure, and Lightspace can produce calibration profiles (gamma based) for Sony and JVC Projectors, and thus we can do a package deal with Sony and JVC Projectors, along with all the equipment you need to complete the calibration process.
  • We also offer a range of trade in offers, please contact us for more information.

    Ex Demo and Used Products

    As we offer trade in products, and rotate our demo stock, there is often items that are sold at well below their original retail price, just some of the products we have at the moment are:

  • Marantz AV8802A Atmos/DTS:X Processor with Audyssey Pro Kit (Used) for £1,349. More information here.
  • Power Sound Audio S1510 (single, sealed 15" subwoofer) - Ex demo - Available in Jan for £999
  • Power Sound Audio V3600 (dual, ported 18" subwoofer) - Ex Demo - pickup only, as no box - £1,499
  • Power Sound Audio S3000i (dual sealed 15" Subwoofer) - Ex Demo - Available in Jan for £1,249
  • Atlantic Technology 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled Speaker - New - £349. More information here
  • Atlantic Technology 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled Speaker - Used - £299. More information here
  • Parasound ZoneMaster 450 Power Amplifier - 4 x 50W or 2 x 160 Watt (8 Ohm) - Ex Demo/Used - £399
  • Zappiti Pro HDR - Used - £609. More information here.

    If you need any more information on anything contained in this Newsletter, please Email Us for more information.

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